A downloadable game

Fifty non-playing characters for your Electric Bastionland adventures.

You can blindly point one or throw a die on the page.

You can use these for lazy players new character rolls or to use other random stuff like items, weapons, names urban scenes or whatever you come up with.

Electric Bastionland created by Chris McDowall


Fifty_Bastionards.pdf 3 MB


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This was quite helpful during my session. Somehow my players went a bit of the path and I ran out of ideas and prepared stuff.
They wanted someone to ask the way and there was Corin cooking some streetfood beeing not helpful, but giving one of the characters a strange reaction to the food that was eaten. That was enough to light the spark again, thank you so much for this easy way to have a few NPC's at hand that are quite colorful.

​Awesome characters for Bastionland and other weird city games, super creative and usable!

Thanks for your kind words... Some of these centuries I shall do a new batch of these...

I love the portraits.


Thanks very much, hope to do more some day...

These are fantastic. Can't wait to toss some of these into a game. 

Thanks for your kind words, hope these are fun to use! Hope to do some more someday.

man, great work on this. Art is awesome and immeadiately sparks ideas


Thanks very much, Carne Guisada. Truth is I really want to continue it someday, reaching 100 or... 200 characters... Or maybe try it for other games... (Working on a Troika! spehere for a jam right now, but the art style is completely different). Thanks for your kind words and hope you put it to good use.


This is amazing! I laughed out loud reading some of these descriptions, and I love the art. Definitely using this in my next Bastionland game.


Thanks, Jeremy. Knowing someone laughed reading it really made my day. Hope they are cool enough characters once they jump on your Bastionland ;D


Art style is cool and I dig the layout!


Wow, thanks for your kind words, Reptilian Esoterica ;D